'We love our video Kate! Couldn't help but cry - so lovely that we've got tiny baby Ruby on tape forever.'


'Kate your videos are incredible and I will treasure so many memories through them. Thank you so much!'


Thank you Kate, you really captured my little boys character and a precious moment in time.' xx


'Such a clever and creative idea. It's so nice to revisit happy memories time and time again in this wonderful video.'


'We absolutely loved sharing our video with our family. It was the perfect way to capture what Maisie had been up to.'


'We love our video, thank you! We have family all over the world so its lovely to be able to share these moments with them'.


'So cute! My little one loves watching herself over and over again - especially in that dress! Thank you so much! '


'My little girl still can't believe the Minions turned up to her party! She must have watched her birthday video 100 times!'